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Hands on Training

After assessments are completed and it is agreed that management or team members want Hands on Training. I will be happy to spend time at your office/offices and work with each member of your team Recruiting/Sales or Management individually on the areas of need.

In order to save on expenses some clients opt for training via Zoom meetings. A preference of mine is to be in house with training because it is a bit more personal being in the same room during training, but zoom meetings are just as productive. It’s always your choice!

The hands-on training as I mentioned begins with the assessment of areas of need. For recruiting you may have team members that struggle with organization or prioritization. Perhaps they need assistance with sourcing techniques or closing skills. Could also be social media training, building relationships, or even being able to comprehend a job description.

For sales it could be how to initially penetrate an account, cross-selling, closing, or just finding the decision makers.

Management areas such as understanding motivation vs demotivation. How to keep your teams engaged and excited. Going over fundamentals.

These are just some of the many areas within a Staffing Company that I can assist with!

Let’s schedule a meeting and discuss your needs!