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The videos that you just viewed are examples of Leadership/Management that are happing right now, this very moment in every type of business in America. I ask my clients to evaluate their offices and honestly look at what category does their company leadership/management fall into, the little league coach or the professional football coach or somewhere in between? It’s at times a difficult question for business owners and managers to answer, but once you have answered that question, the million-dollar question becomes, where do you want it to be?

If you are satisfied with your leadership/management wonderful! If you are not and believe you want to improve, I would be very  happy in assisting you to achieve that goal.

Over the years as an employee/worker, manager and owner I came to the realization that to be a Leader that you need to inspire, care, coach, motivate and have a clear vision for your teams.

We are all individuals, and have different things that motivate us. Some people are motivated by money, awards, pier recognition. Some are motivated by the journey, or just an accomplishment, and others despite their talent struggle finding a true motivation. As an Owner, Manager and Leader it is in my opinion imperative that you find a motivation that is universal within your organization. 

Vince Lombardi’s words were spoken over 60 years ago, and as powerful as they were then they are just as powerful and true today. His team needed to improve, and he gave them a common motivation. Motivation that everyone bought into. Lombardi spoke of excellence, passion, will and truth. His words about doing things right not just sometimes but all the time, created a culture that permeated through his entire team, but more than his words he showed his team how to achieve these goals.

This culture has been repeated in  many businesses since his time, and with the same success he achieved with his team.

Within the staffing industry companies try to motivate their teams by providing them with vacations, cash awards and other incentives for top producers.  I always thought this was very thoughtful, and generous of companies to provide these incentives, but the truth is in my opinion, the team members that won the trips and cash awards were going to be the top producers even without the incentives, because they always have that commitment to excellence. It’s all the other members that need the motivation, and a path to get there!

This is where true leadership is needed.