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Recruiter Assessment Technics and Process’s

The simple truth for Staffing companies is that you can have a strong growth strategy, good clients, and the best sales teams possible, but none of that matters unless you have a recruiting team that can produce.

With 20 years of experience recruiting, I have come across just about every scenario possible within recruiting. Through my travels I have found that so many recruiters do not have enough training to handle all the situations that arise during the full life cycle of the recruiting process.

A large part of the passion I have for this industry is my willingness to share, guide and instruct recruiters to be the best they can. Most recruiters truly want to excel, but are missing some skills, processes, or technics that are holding them back.

Possibly they struggle with strong closing techniques or they’re not adept with sourcing processes. Maybe they do not understand the technical skills that the candidate is most suited for or cannot really get a feel for what the candidate is looking for in their next job.

If you believe your recruiting team can be better, it would be my pleasure to provide an assessment and also provide Hands on Training.