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Sales Assessment Techniques & Process’s

Everything begins with Sales!

Salespeople have one of the hardest jobs in the world! Call after call, emails after emails, and many rejections. This is the reality of Sales, but successful Salespeople approach every customer with the mindset of helping them solve an issue, not of selling them a product or service.

In sales there is much to consider, and it is constant. Hot leads, warm leads, finding the decision maker, discovery calls, sales forecasting, ROI, KPI’s, cross-selling, building a bond and trust with client, working with recruiting, and always closing, closing, and closing!

I always ask my clients to evaluate their sales approach and productivity. Are you getting enough requirements? Do you have too many requirements? Are they truly fillable positions? Do you have target companies, and if so, are they providing a strong ROI?

If you feel that you can use improvement with these questions and others involving your sales structure let’s talk and it would be a pleasure to assist you.